AmoLaMusica traces the life of the composer Paolo Buonvino. (Amolamusica.it)

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AmoLaMusica traces the life of the composer Paolo Buonvino. (Amolamusica.it)


Behind the figure of the composer Paolo Buonvino, there is a world of soundtracks that we have often heard in the movies and never have associated with a talent, or even worse, to a story.
AmoLaMusica, retracing the life of the composer Paolo Buonvino, never leaves anything to chance. Let’s move on step by step:


Who is Paul Buonvino? Identity kit of the composer:
Paul Buonvino was born in a small town in Sicily, precisely in Scordia. He is an Italian musician and composer.
He studied music since he was a child at the Conservatory Cilea of Reggio Calabria. He continued his studies and specializes at the University of Bologna.
The beginning of his career sees him alongside Battiato, as musical assistant and for continuing with his strength as a composer of music for several Italian theater companies.


Paolo Buonvino, the sicilian with a plus:

Recently, Paolo Buonvino’s soundtracks hit the music market like other big artists. It has been said that he possesses a keen sense of association between movie scenes and music to produce.

The power of music of Paolo Buonvino is in this film:
Come te nessuno mai (1998)
L’ultimo bacio (2000)
La vita come viene (2003)
Paolo Borsellino (2004)
Manuale d’amore (2005)
Romanzo criminale (2005)
Cemento armato (2006)
Il mio miglior nemico (2006)
Caos calmo (2007)
La matassa (2009)
Baciami ancora (2010)
Romanzo criminale – La serie (2010)
Manuale d’amore 3 (2011)
Anche se è amore non si vede (2011)
Il giorno in più (2011)
Tutto Tutto Niente Niente (2012)
L’ultima ruota del carro, regia di Giovanni Veronesi (2013)

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