Soundtrack Review: Fathers And Daughters

A review of the film score Fathers And Daughters by Paolo Buonvino (SoundtrackGeek)

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A review of the film score Fathers And Daughters by Paolo Buonvino (SoundtrackGeek)

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Fathers and Daughters Soundtrack Review:
This is a review of the film score Fathers And Daughters by Paolo Buonvino.

At a glance:

Geek Score: 84.4
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 14.2
Album Excellence: 33.8%

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Fathers And Daughters is a 2015 American-Italian drama film directed by Gabriele Muccino and starring Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul. Story follows a father and daughter living 25 years apart in New York City. Crowe will portray a famous novelist and widower struggling with mental illness as he tries to raise his 5-year-old daughter. Seyfried will portray the now-grown daughter in present-day Manhattan as she battles the aftermath of her troubled childhood. The score is composed by Paolo Buonvino.

In May last year director Gabriel Muccino announced that the great late James Horner would be scoring the drama although in September of last year the news broke than Paolo Buonvino had taken over the scoring duties. No reason was mentioned, but probably scheduling conflict as Horner was busy scoring Wolf Totem at the time. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have one more Horner to cherish? Hopefully I will be singing Buonvino’s praises after listening to this score though. The score opens with ‘Blackout’ and minimalism and darkness is the order of the day, very subtle but every evocative. There’s a synth in the underscore, an ostinato which I feel is the star of the cue. Very interesting. I also love the wind effect in the underscore. ‘Father And Daughter’ however couldn’t be more different. It’s jolly, spry, happy, upbeat and very lyrical. For me, the happy joyful first half isn’t the best part it’s the bittersweet second half which I find very emotional and slightly tragic. But now we come to an amazing cue called ‘I Want To Stay With You’ and it’s superb and wonderful that way it builds up to this magnificent inspirational piece of music. Alas, it’s short and over too soon but don’t worry. A great companion cue ‘Something Changing’ is almost as good.

It’s another “safe” score, and that can either be good for you or not. “Safe” doesn’t necessarily mean by-the-numbers. I feel that there’s nothing new here though, the music has been heard before, but it’s very nice music, really great in some places. By-the-numbers? Autopilot? Maybe. There’s nothing wrong with that though as long as you feel happy with the score. I am very happy with this score. It is nice and easy to listen to, not challenging at all, just very comfortable. ‘From Night TO Dawn’ for example follows a well made pattern of buildup, ostinato and a simple motif. I can’t fault it. It’s beautiful to listen to. What do you think of the score?

5. I Want To Stay With You *
6. Something Changing
8. At School
10. The Betrayal
13. From Night To Dawn
22. I Want To Stay With You (Version 2)
23. The Betrayal (Version 2)
Soundtrack Review: Fathers And Daughters, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating