GoodLab Music is the first Italian workshop of music for images created in 2013 by Paolo Buonvino, founder and supervisor, in collaboration with other musicians and composers. The objective

is to stimulate the creativity of young musical talents, placing them immediately in front of a concrete opportunity to work with the philosophy of sharing and mutual enrichment

Discover the artists

Paolo Buonvino Director Find out more
Federica Bello Coordinator/Composer Find out more
Emanuele Bossi COMPOSER (Co-Founder) Find out more
Pasquale Laino COMPOSER (Co-Founder) Find out more
Tony Brundo COMPOSER (Co-Founder) Find out more
Santi Pulvirenti COMPOSER (Co-Founder) Find out more
Lele Gambera Composer Find out more
Titti Smeriglio Composer/Singer Find out more
Antongiulio Frulio Composer Find out more
Stag Composer/Band Find out more
Vincenzo Cavalli Sound Engineer Find out more
Davide Palmiotto Sound Engineer Find out more
Fabio Venturi Sound Engineer Find out more
Simona Sciacca Assistant/Singer Find out more
Silvia Barbera Assistent&MusicEditor Find out more

The hardest thing is to love, and music
prepares man for this difficult task


- J. Blacking

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